Hunua School

The Hunua Learner:

At Hunua School we focus on developing the values of RiCH to guide the behaviour and actions of students in relation to their academic and emotional development. On this journey students focus on becoming self-regulated learners. That means that:


As a student at Hunua School I strive to show:








I will show respect for myself, others and for all property through the way I behave.

At all times I will treat others as I would like to be treated.

 I will show courtesy to everyone.






(Cooperative) (Tolerant)




Caring for myself.

Caring for others.

Caring for the environment.



(Honour) (Trustworthy)


Be truthful and trustworthy.


·       They are clear about what they are learning and why. They are able to articulate what they are learning and the purpose of learning and can transfer this across other learning situations.


·       They are clear about how they will achieve this. They use strategies for learning and implement the next learning.


·       They are clear about what the learning might look like. They can explain how the features of their work relates to the criteria using models of quality work and are able to maximize learning by developing further criteria.


·       They are clear about how well the learning has been achieved – self-assessment. They can reflect on their current learning in relation to the criteria to develop their own learning strategies and set goals and determine the next step.


·       They will self-evaluate and self-regulate their learning by reflecting on current achievements and progress to determine their next learning goals. They will be reflective about their own and others learning and can negotiate and set specific and focused goals to improve their learning.