Hunua School

Room Two Photos

Move Improve

Thumbnail: Move Improve
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Room 2 have been moving and improving each week using a variety of gym equipment.

Pals Sports Day

Thumbnail: Pals Sports Day
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Room 3 hosted Pals Sports day for one block of the day, Room 2 participated in a variety of physical activities and fun was had by all.

Trees For Survival

Thumbnail: Trees For Survival
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Room 2 joined Room 1 for trees for survival. We are getting the plants ready to be planted in our community later on in the year.

Book Character Day

Thumbnail: Book Character Day
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The school celebrated the end of book week by dressing up as their favourite book characters.

Environmental Day

Thumbnail: Environmental Day
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The whole school spent a day caring for our school grounds

Small School Swimming Sports

Thumbnail: Small School Swimming Sports
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A great day at Paparimu competing against other schools.

Wearable Arts

Thumbnail: Wearable Arts
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Room 2 created outfits from newspaper, magazines, recycled paper and a lot of creative thinking

Kokakos in the Hunua Ranges

Thumbnail: Kokakos in the Hunua Ranges
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What a wonderful trip Room 2 had to go and see our native endangered species.


Thumbnail: ukulele
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We are identifying ourselves as individuals. We had to decorate our ukuleles with a picture that represented who we are and what we liked.

Cultural Day

Thumbnail: Cultural Day
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The whole of Hunua School took part in cultural day, dressing up in a national costume from a country of their choice.


Thumbnail: Numero
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Students participate in Numero every Tuesday as part of their maths learning.

Ukulele Festival

Thumbnail: Ukulele Festival
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Awesome day at the ukulele festival with Hunua School children.