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HUNUA SCHOOL NAG 5 Policy - Complaints – Parents Caregivers 

RATIONALE: The school will endeavour to address all parental concerns whether it is about the school’s management. There are appropriate channels for expressing these concerns that ensure everyone received a fair hearing. 

POLICY: •To give parents a way of expressing their concerns appropriately. •To give parents a fair hearing of any concern that they may have •To ensure that the concerns do not become personal attacks. 


1.Parents/caregivers with concerns about classroom matters should approach their child’s teacher in the first instance, at an appropriate time. 

2.If the concern is not resolved with the classroom teacher, the principal should be approached. There should be on going consultation between the principal classroom teacher and the parent to resolve the situation. 

3.If the concern is related to management or organisation of the school then the principal should be contacted in the first instance. 

4.If the complaint is of a serious nature then it will be documented and signed by the complainant and the principal. 

5.If the complaint is against a staff member the principal must inform that staff member of the nature and basis for the complaint. 

6.If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily with the principal the complaint should be taken in writing to the chairperson of the Board of Trustees. 

7.The complaint will be tabled for discussion, in committee, at a special Board of Trustee meeting if required. 

8.The complainant may be called to speak to their complaint at the meeting. 

9.Any staff member against who a complaint has been made must be given a right of reply and a fair hearing. 

10.When the action to be taken has been decided upon by the Board of Trustees all parties will be informed of the decision in writing. 

11.The Principal is to phone parents who have complained within 10 days to ensure the complaint has been resolved. 

12.If none of these steps result in satisfaction then the parent/caregiver still has the right to go to the Ministry of Education, or other appropriate agencies. 

13.Confidentiality, in terms of relevant employment contracts and the privacy Act will be adhered to. 

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