Hunua School


Christine Woods: Chair

I have lived in Hunua for nearly 20 years with my partner Kim, and now with our two children: Issy who is at high school and Reece who is in Year 6. I work at Auckland University where I teach and  research entrepreneurship at the Business School. I am also involved with the ICEHOUSE, working with NZ small business owners. I have been on the board since 2012 and have really enjoyed getting more involved with the team at the school. Please feel free to contact me - even if it's to find out what your children should do at Uni! 


Sandra Edwards:  Property and Maintenance

I grew up in a small rural town and attended the local school where we were encouraged to be respectful, responsible and to make the most of every opportunity. I believe that that Hunua School has those same values and has the same amazing opportunities for our children which I am keen to support.  

I have experience working in accordance with the legislation required by the BOT and for setting and developing strategic direction, both in my current role as a National Environmental and Sustainability Manager for a construction company and in previous roles with Auckland Council and the Royal New Zealand Navy.  

I enjoy making a positive contribution to our school, for all of our children including my daughter Ruby G who is currently in the middle school and my son Theo who will attend the school once he is five.

Cherie Harris:  Human Resources

Jon and I have three children at Hunua School (Hunter, Yr 7, Honour, Yr 4 and Finn Yr 2). We have travelled widely over the years but have called our few paddocks at Hunua home for the past eight years with no plans to up sticks and leave! My background is in Sports Psychology with a strong focus on Para Sport. I work in global sport development and outside of kids and farm life I am heavily involved in Wheelchair Rugby at various levels nationally and internationally and sit on various committees and boards. I am more than happy to be contacted about any aspect of school life! 


 Elise Murphy: Parent Rep

I have lived in Hunua for 7 years, where I have watched my 4 children grow and develop first at the Playcentre and now at Hunua School.  In 2020 I have 3 children at the school – Finn in Year 8, Niall in Year 6, and Greta in Year 2.  My years being involved in the management and services of the Playcentre have given me a keen interest in the ways in which education and the community interact and build upon each other, and I believe the Hunua community’s involvement with the school enriches both the school and the community.

With a background in the food manufacturing industry, I have recently returned to the workforce as a production manager.  I have also run my own business for the last 12 years, together with my husband Rowan.  I have been on the Board since late 2017 and am learning the ropes, with a particular interest in the Finance areas.

Kris Burden: Principal 

Helen Davenport: Staff Representative 

Helen (Mrs D) is our welcoming New entrant teacher teaching in Purapura 6. 

Joy McLeod: Minutes Secretary