Hunua School

Hunua School is a very cool school with awesome kids and supportive parents, teachers and support staff. 

A rural school, such as Hunua, reflects not only the people in the community, but the area itself. 

Hunua School is nestled in the foothills of the Hunua Ranges. Many rivers and streams run through the ranges. The four dams that the school Houses are named after (Mangatawhiri, Cossey, Wairoa, and Managatangi), along with Hays Creek dam, provide approximately 60% of Auckland’s water. 

Careful nurturing the kōkako has resulted in a wonderful comeback in the Hunua Ranges.

Our families and whānau, like the streams and rivers feed into Hunua School from many directions. Some grew up in Hunua, others have joined the community as they seek out a rural lifestyle. All come to the school with great expectations. 

The Hunua Ranges are a place of curiosity and innovation, sustaining a city the size of Auckland by providing water, leading the way in environmental issues, and providing an outdoor playground for locals and tourist. 

This “can do” attitude is reflected in the attitude of many of our students and the group of dedicated volunteers.

Ours school is a great place to be, let's make it the hub our the Hunua Community!!

Welcome to Hunua School …                           

the Hunua School team and I look forward to working with you and your children.     

🙂   Kris Burden