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WELCOME TO 2020!   🎉✨    


Uniforms are available from:    New Zealand Uniforms - Manukau City

Stationery is available from:   Office Max

Novel Coronavirus
This is a new virus and its specific nature is currently unclear, however it appears that you can have the virus at an early stage and not be showing any symptoms.  This incubation period is currently considered to be up to 14 days.  

As we return back to school the Ministry of Health & the Ministry of Education have emailed information to us. We will be closely monitoring and following their advice.

As our children and teachers return to school, their health is a priority. I ask you to please follow the following advice:

All Students:

• Anyone who is unwell should NOT be at school. If you have a concern about your child’s health, please keep them away from school. Contact Healthline at 0800 611 116or your GP for medical advice.

• High Risk Students (those who have visited China or had contact with someone with the virus):
 Students who may be at high risk of exposure because they have recently been to China or have been in close contact with someone confirmed with the virus, are asked to delay the start of their school year for 14 days.  This will keep everyone safe.  We will ensure there is no impact on any student’s learning if they are away from school for an extended period of time.

• Please note that for everyone’s safety if a student attends school with symptoms the Education Act allows principals to preclude students from attendance if they believe on reasonable grounds they may have a communicable disease such as Novel Coronavirus.

Further Information:

The Ministry of Health has published information regarding the Novel Coronavirus which is available here:

I will be sure to share any updates as they come to hand.  

Hats      From day 1 please

All studnets need their school hats for the first day of school as summer has hit with vengence. Teachers will be asking their class to leave their hats at school at the end of the day. 

We find that some students take their hats home and forget to bring them to school the next day.

Togs         Most, if not all, classes will start swimming in Week 1

Swimming is part the Physical Education Curriculum. Our teachers are trained to teach swimming and are great at encouraging even the most reluctant swimmer. 

Hunua School Vision:

Excellence in education through the use of the environment, active student, parent and community involvement and interactive learning.