Hunua School

Welcome to Hunua School. Hunua School is a small rural school that was established in 1876 and is set on a hill overlooking the community it caters for. The school has a history of excellent community support and high expectations for pupils. It has been one of the centres of the community offering a unique experience for pupils. Often children have been involved in the school from an early age attending Play Centre before becoming a member of the school itself. As the school goes from Year 0 to Year 8 we have a family atmosphere, where all children look out for each other. The staff of the school is experienced, dedicated and caring professionals. We are developing our resources and an excellent technology capability, which assists the children to take responsibility for their learning. The school has developed and improved it’s charter, strategic planning, and curriculum delivery systems in order to integrate current educational theory and practice into its operations. We take considerable pride in our school as a staff, BOT, PTA, group of children and wider community. Parents enjoy an open door policy and there is a high level of communication between home and school. This is reflected in a delightful learning environment for all.