Hunua School

About me: My name is Heather Frost and I'm proud to be the Principal of this unique little rural school. We have a focus on our environment and Education outside the classroom. I have a passion for skiing and the outdoors and as a result the children get the opportunity to explore our environment to learn about amazing weather patterns, volcanoes, a different outdoors from where we live and opportunities to learn about potential risks in many demanding environments.

We are now taking our senior students on tramps to places such as the Pinnacles in the coromandel and to places such as Rotoroa Island to learn about conservation first hand.

The school's mud slides and cross country occur on my property and the children learn how to take risks in a supported environment while having a whole lot of fun.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and we are always very happy to talk to anyone about out lovely school.

The team are enthusiastically participating in the MindLab professional development programme that is gearing us for collaborative learning and Inquiry.  They complete this course half way through 2017 and are already implementing thier ideas in the classroom.

Our school has a keen interest in environmental education and we have a "discovery Pathway"  underway where we are planning a 'weta hotel' and a 'lizard lounge.' 

We are keen to have all children attaining at least the "At" status against the National standards in the very near future in reading, writing and maths.


There are three key objectives that will be our priority

in the next three years to ensure our success



To empower the learners so that they challenge themselves to succeed, educationally, socially, emotionally and physically to reach their full potential.



To support learners to become responsible, caring and nurturing citizens.



To build a learning partnership with the Hunua Community.