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Exciting Opportunity for a new teacher at our school:


We are looking for a new teacher at Hunua School for a Year 3-4 class at a semirural full primary. An exciting opportunity exists within a motivated, enthusiastic and collaborative team. We seek a teacher with proven classroom experience, strengths in e-learning, inquiry teaching, innovative pedagogy to engage and motivate students to be self-regulating learners. Mindlab qualifications an advantage. Starting date term 3, negotiable.

Please send a CV and covering letter with 3 referees. Applications to Principal, 43 Lockwood Rd, Hunua, RD3, Papakura or to



Thank you to Mrs Harwood:

It is with considerable regret that we have to inform you of Alex Harwood’s resignation because of her health issues. We hope for Alex to have a full return to health.  She has done a great job in the time she has been with us. We would also like to acknowledge the wonderful job Jean Connett is doing in the interim and will continue to do until later this term. 

We would like to thank the parents of students in room 4 for your patience and understanding while we find a teacher that will be the ‘best fit’ for your children and their learning. 

Project Safe Haven: Give a Little

Hunua School is in the process of fundraising for a carpark on land that Transpower donated, next to the school. We are looking for sponsors, pledges and donations to support our fundraising efforts. If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact the Hunua School office (09) 292-4889 or email: We are very happy to acknowledge your name or company in our advertising. The funds would be used to kick start the project and would be an incredible help for phase 1: surveying, drawing, council consent etc. Currently there is no staff or visitor carpark so the need to create a carpark on donated land is to ensure that Hunua School and Lockwood Road are safer for all. To visit our Give a Little page, click the link here or pledge below.


Donate via Givealittle

A Brief introduction to our school

Hunua School is a small rural school that was established in 1876 and is set on a hill overlooking the community it caters for.  The school has a history of excellent community support and high expectations for pupils.  It has been one of the centres of the community offering a unique experience for pupils.  Often children have been involved in the school from an early age attending Playcentre before becoming a member of the school itself.  As the school goes from Year 0 to Year 8 we have a family atmosphere, where all children look out for each other.
The staff of the school is experienced, dedicated and caring professionals.  We are developing our resources and an excellent technology capability, which assists the children to take responsibility for their learning.
We take considerable pride in our school as a staff, BOT, PTA, group of children and wider community.  Parents enjoy an open door policy and there is a high level of communication between home and school.  This is reflected in a delightful learning environment for all.
Hunua School classrooms all have devices which are an integral part of the learning that occurs.  We now have a "Makerspace", where we can do anything from robotics to cooking and sewing.

Mission Statement 
Excellence in education through the use of the environment, active student, parent and community involvement and interactive learning.