Hunua School

We would like to offer our sincere condolences to our people of Christchurch, in particular our Muslim Communities, after the terrible events last Friday.  We are hurting and heartbroken, our hearts, thoughts, prayers and love go out to you all. #theyareus

Here is the link to a really good article that may help you in your discussions with your children.

Due to these events there has been a postponement to the scheduled Union Meeting on Thursday 21st March in which we were to close at 12.30pm.  We will be continuing with a full day of school and will finish at our normal time of 3pm and the bus will run at the same time also.  We will keep you posted as to the next date for the Union Meeting

This is a time of reflection, be kind to yourselves, take a moment to just be.

Hunua School Staff

What a great start to 2019!

Thank you to all the awesome parents who were able to come along to the Goals & Aspirations meetings

The PTA are holding a Family Picnic at school on

Sunday 24 March (date change!!) ... see you there!      

Uniforms are available from:

  • New Zealand Uniforms - Manukau City
  • The Warehouse, Papakura

Stationery is available from:               Office Max

Remember to bring your togs and towel   
The school pool is ready, the water is warm & the weather has been fantastic!!

Hunau School Vision:

Excellence in education through the use of the environment, active student, parent and community involvement and interactive learning.

Ag Day 2018

Incredible Inquiry Outcome by our change agents generated positive media
attention! Check us out on (click the link here)


Take one of our bags shopping with you 😁

Bags are available to purchase from the school office.